ObOb Farm
sells frogs frog meat and Frog tadpole, both retail sale and wholesale.
( Offers to Sell for Exporters / Importers )
ObOb Farm is a farm plane formed by Mr. Somwang in the year 2008 is intended to produce frogs and frog meat for retail sale and delivery within the area nearby first. The frog is sold to approximately 4 - 5 body per 1 kg, addition Mr. Sawai Wanthongkum also a great target to produce to sell in the commercial seriously. To export goods frogs and frog meat to the countries around the world at every price you can accept. And expects the world market will be consumers who are more interested in frogs soon. Because frogs are healthy foods and no toxic substance residues. And also proteins that are highly beneficial to the body because the service is hardly used medicines.
As for foreign customers or vendors you are interested in any purchases are frogs and frog meat from our farm. Can email to talk at first sales@obobfarm.com (TH/EN/Japan). To a channel in the trading Or do business together, The future.

ObOb Farm is located in Thailand
Address: Sam-Age, Tambol Kong-Chang Amphur Dermbagnagbauch Suphanburi province, Thailand.

Anyone interested in receiving a purchase, please contact
Ms. Sarawadee Junsupa / Tel. (66) O89-772-3756
Email : sales@obobfarm.com (TH/EN/Japan)
Offers to Sell for Exporters / Importers
Offers to Sell for Exporters / Importers
Offers to Sell for Exporters / Importers
Offers to Sell for Exporters / Importers
Our Farm
Our Farm
Baby small frog
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